Wind Chills & Cold Feet

JANUARY 6 2014:  This is the coldest it has been here for the past 20 years approx.  It is -16 at 8 pm, with today's high having been -15.  The wind chills are -55, so all schools are closed, etc.  We are keeping warm with our trusty woodstove and soup for dinner.  But my feet are cold!   Chris will be coming home to stay on Jan. 25th.  We are so happy about that! (He has been working in Afghanistan for a couple of years).  It will be so good to have him relatively nearby again.  My 2 nieces had babies this year, "Happy" Harper Catherine and Paige Juliet, joining their older sisters Evie and Olivia.  I will get to see them at my sister's this summer at The Bay.  Oliver is a joy for us, and we are still spending every other weekend there on 'Grandparent Duty'.  I enjoy a hot tub and swim while there, and sometimes we take Oliver in his jeep stroller to the Appleton Farmers Market.  Looking forward to a January thaw!!!!!!