Warming Trends & Winter Temps

MARCH 7, 2014:  We had at least 53 days below zero this winter so far!  The snow cover is still 22 inches deep.  But I was out this morning and it was 27 degrees, felt so balmy, the robins were chirping and the birds made it feel like a spring morning!  It is currently in the mid 30's and they say we are in for a warming trend of 20's and 30's for this week.  I am going to work up in my gallery with the windows open and my coat on, in preparation for our move.  There is so much to do!  Kevin's Uncle Don passed away last month.  I got to spend some quality time with him for a few days, at his bed side.  He was always good to me in the almost 17 years that I am married to Kevin.  Till we meet again, Uncle Don.