Warm Weather & Yoga Cruise

FEB 3 2012:  What an amazing trip I was on for the month of January!  Paintings from Ocean Beach, San Diego, the Rio Grand, and the Jamez Mountains from Shannon's deck, 15 miles NW of Santa Fe.  I started a series of "Peace Turtles" too. And I did a few little abstracts.  I got a fantastic massage from Shannon at her massage school.  She graduates from there in March.  Now both of my daughters are massage therapists among other things.  Shannon plays harp and does energy medicine healings.  She healed my bum knee some 5 years ago.  Jessica also is a Yoga instructor and has Kundalini Yoga classes. Jody, whom I've 'adopted' is a Montessori teacher.  Amazing young women!  Now I am getting ready to go on my YOGA CRUISE!