Time Flies

FEB 10,2018:  It is so hard to believe that 7 months have passed since my last entry!  I have been selling my ACEO's at Seattle Flowers in downtown Seattle, and he is also putting 6 12x16 framed prints and a basket of 8x11 limited edition (51) prints in his beautiful shop on the corner of 2nd and James.  A new grandson, James Kevin Casey, was born Jan.18th.  We had gone to Mexico for 2 weeks in December and had 4 nights at the Waterstreet Hotel for Christmas in Port Townsend with family.  In October we flew to WI to spend 2 weeks with family and friends.  I had lunch with 2 BFF's, and we went to a waterpark in the Dells and had a blast!  Now I am going to search my blog site and see if I can find an entry I did in Sept. about no more Busy Bee.