Katoa's Birthday

AUG 12 2020:  Yesterday was my "adopted" grandson's 16th Birthday, and we texted for the first time!  What fun that was. We had left him a Happy Birthday song on his Mom Jody's phone voicemail, and he texted me back on his own phone!  We had quite an entertaining conversation.  He says he can't wait to come and visit again once the pandemic is over.  Jody, Lisa, and Katoa all came here for a visit a few years ago so that Katoa could be in the Centrum Fiddle Fest in July.  It was also cherry time here in our back yard.  Katoa is a very fine fiddler.  As a young boy he drew a couple of jets and I filled them in with watercolors.  Then I incorporated them into a painting of a verse from a Joni Mitchell song, "WOODSTOCK".  "And I dreamed I saw the bombers flying shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation".  So we have a painting that we collaborated on.  I wish that I were more computer saavy so that I could put my newer works on my website.  I just don't know how to do that.  First world problem, right?