JUNE 7, 2020:  Being barefoot almost daily again, beach days, flowers, birds, rain, sun, peaceful (mostly) protests, shops and restaurants reopening with masks mandatory, so much is going on. It is nice to see so many young people joining in the protests, wanting a change for the better.... police accountability and racial equality.  And I am glad that the NFL apologized to the players and seem to "get it" now.  There are so many great police out there.  It is a shame that a few racist ones can ruin things for everyone.  I did not join in any of the protests as I am still social distancing.  I am not anti police, but I am anti racist.  I am so happy that Summer is here.  It makes everything better.  One funny thing happened today.  I had been giving my daughter collard greens to eat.  I have so much kale and broccoli that I just had more greens than I could use.  So this morning I went out to the garden and noticed little cauliflower heads starting to grow in the plants that I had mistakenly thought were collard greens.   So I hope she enjoyed the cauliflower greens!