Majestic October Colors

OCT 21 2012:  October is flying by.  The fall colors have been spectacular, just as they were on daughter Shannon's birth day 35 years ago yesterday.  I moved a large pot of cosmos right into the greenhouse and am hoping to make some improvements on my cosmos painting one of these sunny afternoons.  I wrote up a little house description on my website in case someone would want to take over for us so we can move to WA next year or so.  It can be found with Artist's Home In Summer, the last painting in the Travels category.  We hope to sell this home and keep a camping site somewhere on our land.  We also have a 5 acre solar building site for sale across the Millpond from here.  I had shingles this month and found out that Lemon Balm, which I grow for my organic tea is recommended for shingles, as it is an anti-viral herb! Along with daily Reiki treatments, I got through it without having to take painkillers.  I DID need my tube of Sting Stop! And I did need to cancel a few commitments.  I am back to normal now.  OK, I can hear you.  I am now back to what is normal for me!