Holidays Among Friends & Family

FEB 17 2015:  My first entry in 2015, and Feb is coming to a close!  An update...  we had a fantastic Christmas, celebrated for 3 full days at a waterfront hotel with our own deck over the water!  Jessica and Syd came up from Olympia and Shannon , Kevin, and I were already here in town.  We had a blast!  Jessica took great photos for us too.  Then I got the flu right before New Year's, Kevin took care of me and the fires and then he got it too.  Our friends Barry and Kathy Sander's came for a visit in January too.  Spring began in Feb, and our plum tree is in bloom.  Sunsets on the Municipal Pier are spectacular, but you have to go when you can, as fog and clouds and sometimes rain are pretty typical too this time of year.  We are having a nice dry stretch for a couple of weeks currently, so I am going to lots of sunrises and sunsets.