Crescent Lake Anniversary

JUNE 18 2019:  Today is my niece Cindy's 41st Birthday.  I am also her Godmother and I was with her last year on this date when she turned 40.  We ended up at Lake Geneva in WI with the girls Evie and Harper, and had a good day.  Her husband Steve died when he was 39, a couple of years ago, so it made for a very emotional birthday for her last year, since he never turned 40.  Kevin and I sang Happy Birthday over the phone for her today.  I love her very much!  

On Saturday, the 15th of June, Kevin and I went to Crescent Lake and had a wonderful time there!  (We married 22 years ago.) We hiked to a waterfall, took a boat tour, and stayed in a room overlooking the lake, with the window open to hear the waves all night.  The restaurant was fun too.  Living the good life!