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Laurel is an artist, musician, master level rieki practitioner, and organic gardener who resides in the beautiful Seaport town of Port Townsend WA. with her husband Kevin Casey and their cat, Boy.  As a former Art teacher at Manawa Middle School, Learning Disabilities teacher at Little Wolf High School, and adjunct Faculty (watercolors and acrylics) at Fox Valley Technical College, she has taught art to many adults and children over the years. 

Laurel is passionate about Nature and her paintings reflect that. There are moon rises, full moons, sunsets and sunrises, gardens, turtles, great blue herons, sand hill cranes, etc.  "Paintings are a way to bring the beauty and healing of nature right inside the home or office.  I can capture the warmth and relaxation of a summer day on the water or in the garden and have it with me even indoors."

Laurel, a Plein Air painter, has found the medium of watercolor, because it is so light weight, to be her favorite choice of medium for travels and seaside environment.  When she paints one of her water views, she uses the water from the body of water that she is depicting.  She will paint commissioned paintings from your travel photos or cottage setting. Also, aerial view paintings of any location can be commissioned.  Peace Turtles with the child's name and favorite colors are another popular commission.   One of Laurels paintings was selected for the cover of the book 'Our Cottages and Memories', put out by the  Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Association History Committee in 2009.

 "I want to spread light and love, hope and feelings of wellbeing through my nature inspired paintings.  Nature is so beautiful and life sustaining.  Let's protect it!"   

Laurel also performs at area nursing homes, has volunteered at the WI Veteran's Home for 15 summers, and is trying to find ways to help gifted artists, musicians and healers with little income, to continue to share their gifts with the world through her Vincent Foundation, which is in it's infancy stage. The premise is to find people who would like to find a good cause to tithe to.  They can then either purchase  paintings (Laurel will donate up to 40%) or simply donate to the Vincent Foundation using either personal check or paypal, through this website. 100% of any donations to the Vincent Foundation will be used to help out and fund projects for the gifted artists, musicians and healers who are struggling with income while they try to continue sharing their important gifts with the world.  Please call her at 360 385 1715 for more information.    

 She also contributes 15% or more of her overall profits to Help heal the planet.


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2017             2017                      2017                         2017                                    2017                    2017

JULY 19 2017:  Beautiful and Bountiful Summer!  Feasting on fruit and veggies from the garden.  The flowers are food for the Soul.  I had a wonderful week with family in northern IL in June, and more "family" came to visit for Fiddle Tunes in July.  Such a busy summer, for one reason is that I get lots of Beach Time!  And I ride the ferry for fun.  So much to do in this beautiful seaport town! And wonderful music!

 APRIL 18 2017: It is a very beautiful Spring here, and a friend gave us access to her Beach house while she went on vacation.  So I had a week right on the beach and had lots of time to paint, read, and explore the beaches.  I am looking forward to 2 more dog sitting jobs near the beach this month.  I will just bring my watercolors and a book.

March 28 2017:  Spring is here in the Pacific Northwest!  The plum trees are all in bloom along with daffodils, periwinkle, and primroses.  And the birdsong makes the heart sing.  I am adding some more paintings to my website today and tomorrow, so check it out! It may take a little time to show up, but new ones are coming! 

FEB 7 2017:  Kevin and I took a trip to Mexico in December.  I was barefoot for 2 weeks! That was wonderful.  Then we had our annual Christmas gathering with my girls and their families.  The New Year has been a LOT of dog sitting for me!  It's near the beach, so I am not complaining.  I have a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. Tomorrow, I go back for another 2 weeks while they go to China.   It has been and is a very sad February.  My niece's Cindy's husband Steve died after a hard battle with cancer.  They have 2 little girls.  He was the sweetest guy ever and loved Cindy and his girls so much.  He would have turned 40 in 12 days.




2016                  2016                          2016                         2016                             2016

NOV 18, 2016:  Another Art Show with reception to get ready for.  And I've begun my watercolor series of aerial views of Port Townsend in the style of my Chain O' Lakes aerial views, and some local scenes from here on the Puget Sound.  If you read some of my blog, please contact me, and It will inspire me to write more posts.  A new grandson was born on May1st, Little William.  Life is SO good, and no, we won't even bring up politics that kept me busy this Fall.  Oh, I just did.  Ok, I was Feelin' the Bern.  Now, I'm standing with the Water Protectors out in North Dakota, in prayer and solidarity, making calls.

JUNE 28, 2016:I guess life has been very busy!  I had 2 art shows this spring, lots of gardening to do, a commissioned watercolor, a trip to see the grandsons, cherry picking in our own backyard, need I go on?  If you read this, contact me on my contact page.  Maybe I just thought that no one is reading these entries anyways.  But I will get back to making a monthly entry.

JAN 5, 2016:  Happy Birthday Yogananda.  Spring is coming early this year!  The Alder trees are starting to bud!  My crocus are over an inch tall already.  I am getting ready for my Art show at Elevated Ice Cream next month.  The theme will be "MOONSCAPES and MORE".  I am taking a Qi Gong class.  Every day is a gift, and I am so grateful to be living here in Port Townsend! 


2015         2015              2015           2015              2015              2015                       2015 

NOV 17, 2015:  I just returned from ABQ to visit with Jody, Jeremy, and Katoa.  Had a wonderful time and visited Old Town, the Zoo, Aquarium, and Bugarium.  We also updated the video we started when 11 year old Katoa was just a baby.  Lots of fun.  I am playing a music show that I have to get ready for and Kevin and I are going to watch some big waves later during a high wind advisory that is coming.  Life is full!   

SEPT 21, 2015:  Fruit is so abundant here!  I am currently house/pet sitting and need to get back there.  Life here is spectacular!  Every day is a gift and I am so grateful to live here and be close to my daughters too.  Reading at the beach is one of my favorite pastimes!

JULY 6, 2015:  My Moonscapes Art Show is up at Elevated Ice Cream in Port Townsend. Friend, Lindsay helped me put it up.  We had a nice, hot 4th of July weekend, and daughter Jessica came up to spend time and have fun with us.   Spent 3 weeks in WI in June, taking care of business and visiting friends and family.   Then came home to a cherry tree full of fruit!  Gardening, music, and beaches are keeping me busy and happy this summer.

MAY 14, 2015:  We are so happy that we moved here.  Life is full and busy, yet relaxing too. I make sure to get in a lot of beach time and I love to read or paint my little ACEO's on the beach.  I just finished some with sailboats on them.  


APRIL 12, 2015:  Time is flying by in this Land of Eternal Spring.  I am kept busy with gardening both here and in my community garden.  The flowers are beautiful and bountiful.  I landed 2 monthly gigs at assisted living places here in town.  I do a music therapy show and have been learning new songs on mandolin with daughter Shannon.  Life is full and fun.  I put up my art show at Elevated Ice Cream called "Paintings Inspired by Nature".  Been reading a book on sailing, and hope to get out on some boats come summer.  We love our new home!  (The house and the town.) 

FEB 17 2015:  My first entry in 2015, and Feb is coming to a close!  An update...  we had a fantastic Christmas, celebrated for 3 full days at a waterfront hotel with our own deck over the water!  Jessica and Syd came up from Olympia and Shannon , Kevin, and I were already here in town.  We had a blast!  Jessica took great photos for us too.  Then I got the flu right before New Year's, Kevin took care of me and the fires and then he got it too.  Our friends Barry and Kathy Sander's came for a visit in January too.  Spring began in Feb, and our plum tree is in bloom.  Sunsets on the Municipal Pier are spectacular, but you have to go when you can, as fog and clouds and sometimes rain are pretty typical too this time of year.  We are having a nice dry stretch for a couple of weeks currently, so I am going to lots of sunrises and sunsets.


2014      2014       2014           2014          2014              2014                 2014                 2014

DECEMBER 16 2014:  Kevin and I just put up my art (29 pieces) at Sweet Laurette's Cafe and Restaurant yesterday, in Port Townsend WA.   I'm excited about it, as it is my favorite place to eat!  I couldn't have found a better place to show my Art, and the opportunity just kind of fell into my lap!  We are playing music again this Sat. Dec. 20th at the Uptown Pub with Brandon Smith.  My girls and even Syd will be there to hear us this time.  Jessica and Shannon came last week too.  Exciting times in our new seaport town!  

NOVEMBER 18 2014:  I am still getting up for sunrises, and I found a great place on a cliff overlooking the water and mountains to watch them!  It's a 20 minute walk.  I have been painting aerial views of Port Townsend.  I will soon be painting sunrises I think.  We are playing music with Brandon Smith, our next door neighbor Cello player.  Even did a couple of music videos.  I have decided to put subbing at the high school on the back burner, because my art, music, and gardening pursuits seem more important right now.  We get to Skype with our grandson Oliver and his "Dadu" Nathan regularly.  Such a treat!  Well, off to the sunset now!

SEPT 29 2014:  We have settled in and it feels like we have been on vacation for over a month. Lots of beach time, great times with daughters, I joined a community garden, and I'm transforming some of the lawn here into little gardens.   And of course unpacking.  Since we are in Pacific time zone (2 hours earlier than WI was), I have been successful in going to see the sunrise every morning!  It rises over the water and mountains and can be quite spectacular!  I'm getting in lots of walking.  We are happy that we made the move, even though we miss family and friends back in WI.

AUG 10 2014:  We are moving to WA a week from tomorrow!  Can you even imagine how busy we have been, and still are?  The flowers are blooming all over the yard. It's so beautiful!  It's an emotional time, saying good bye to loved ones and this place that has been 'HOME' for the past 38 years!  I had a most successful show at Clear Water Harbor this week.  A good send off.  Time to do some more packing before I go on my last Lady of the Lakes boat ride, and a Lobster Bake that I was invited to by my friends Bob and Mary Ann Wells, for donating a watercolor to the benefit. Enjoying every last moment of summer here in Wisconsin! 


JULY 7 2014:  Summer is flying by!  I did 2 successful art shows at the Clearwater Harbor so far this summer.  I dismantled my entire upstairs gallery.  My garden has been ransacked by rodents and bunnies who are small enough to fit through the fence.  They ate all the peas, strawberries, and beans.  But I found out that my new WA home has a sweet cherry tree with a thousand cherries on it!  I just returned from my sister's Cottage on the Bay (of Green Bay).  All 6 of my great nieces and nephew were up along with their families.  A good time for sure!   


MAY 9 2014: Spring finally came after I returned from WA where I bought us a house!  Our move is scheduled for August, and we found a buyer for our house.  Everything is falling into place.  The peas in the garden have sprouted and I will plant more seeds today.  All day watercolor class yesterday, with one last one scheduled at a friend's place on the Chain O" Lakes!  The grass is green, the sky is blue,  the daffodils are blooming and who could ask for more! 

MARCH 26, 2014:  The search for our WA home is on! It is nerve wracking, as I found one but others want it too.  So I need some patience and lots of hope.  And guidance.  It still feels like winter here.  It was 0 degrees this morning.  Still snow cover.  Hopefully by next week we will have some Spring!  The sand hill cranes are back and so are the Robins, so I know it is coming.  I am currently teaching my last watercolor class series here in WI.  Next ones will all be offered in WA!

MARCH 7, 2014:  We had at least 53 days below zero this winter so far!  The snow cover is still 22 inches deep.  But I was out this morning and it was 27 degrees, felt so balmy, the robins were chirping and the birds made it feel like a spring morning!  It is currently in the mid 30's and they say we are in for a warming trend of 20's and 30's for this week.  I am going to work up in my gallery with the windows open and my coat on, in preparation for our move.  There is so much to do!  Kevin's Uncle Don passed away last month.  I got to spend some quality time with him for a few days, at his bed side.  He was always good to me in the almost 17 years that I am married to Kevin.  Till we meet again, Uncle Don.


FEBRUARY 17, 2014:  I am safely at home in this beautiful snow storm.  As hoped for, a February thaw is coming this week!  35+ degrees will feel quite balmy.  Next year, my gallery and our home will be in WA.  So this is our last WI winter!  Looking forward to a new chapter in my life.  Kevin and I will begin our adventure across the country at the end of this coming summer.  Packing up my gallery seems like a monumental task, but somehow I will get it done.  I HOPE!

 FEBRUARY 6 2014:  I am leaving for a trip to Lake Michigan for a long weekend with some friends.  I am taking a sketchbook and markers instead of my watercolors.  Quite a change for me.  I'm bringing my snow shoes to do some hiking, and I hope to see some nice sunrises too.  It is still below zero every morning, so I am now hoping for a February thaw.  I would write more, but I must get ready to go.


JANUARY 6 2014:  This is the coldest it has been here for the past 20 years approx.  It is -16 at 8 pm, with today's high having been -15.  The wind chills are -55, so all schools are closed, etc.  We are keeping warm with our trusty woodstove and soup for dinner.  But my feet are cold!   Chris will be coming home to stay on Jan. 25th.  We are so happy about that! (He has been working in Afghanistan for a couple of years).  It will be so good to have him relatively nearby again.  My 2 nieces had babies this year, "Happy" Harper Catherine and Paige Juliet, joining their older sisters Evie and Olivia.  I will get to see them at my sister's this summer at The Bay.  Oliver is a joy for us, and we are still spending every other weekend there on 'Grandparent Duty'.  I enjoy a hot tub and swim while there, and sometimes we take Oliver in his jeep stroller to the Appleton Farmers Market.  Looking forward to a January thaw!!!!!!


2013     2013      2013             2013    2013             2013             2013            2013     2013       2013 


DEC 16 2013:  Tonight I pick up Kevin from the airport in Appleton from his unexpected trip to Cancun, Mexico with his son Chris.  It was a 2 week vacation, and I'm very happy for them to have gotten to spend time together after Chris has been in Afghanistan for so long.  Here in WI, it's been a very cold winter so far. But that allows me to be indoors more where I have so much to do in preparation for our move to WA next Aug or early Sept.  So much to get rid of!  Letting go is hard, but it must be done.  MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and Happy Holidays to those who don't do Christmas!   

NOV 1 2013:  Our 10 acre parcel of land on the other side of the millpond sold, and today is the closing.  One step closer to our move to Port Townsend WA.  The house goes next, but we are not moving until next September.  I will be making another batch of apple cider this weekend.  Harvest time is such a busy time of year.  I made many bottles of grape juice too.  My daughter Shannon called just to say "Mom, next year at this time we will be walking barefoot on the beach together!"  We are into Earthing. (That is being barefoot so that the Earth's energy can enter through the soles of your feet.  It has been proven to reduce inflammation in the body as well as help with or eliminate pain.)

AUG 28, 2013:  I made a gallon of apple cider yesterday, for the first time in years!  I'd been craving it, and the only way to get it fresh and organic is to press my own.  This summer is fun and busy.   Nathan is doing well, and Oliver is a ton of fun!  Swimming at Casey Lake has been wonderful.  Chain days are a blast.  Summer in WI is fantastic!  Today I'll play music and dance at the Iola Nursing Home.

JULY 9, 2013:  Summer has arrived!  We are spending a lot of quality time with Oliver, our grandson, while Nathan gets over this latest Crohn's  episode which has him going in for surgery today.  I will be doing my Harbor art show today, and keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.  I spent last weekend with my sister and her family at their cottage (compound) on Green Bay.  This coming Saturday, I will have a watercolor class on wildflowers for a bridal party of 10.  13 months till the move.  The 10 acre parcel across the millpond has an MLS listing now. It can be found by going to and it's number is 50078789.   Or else type in the zip 54962 and it is listed at $74,500.

JUNE 8,2013:  Spring IS here,and I've spent lot's of time kayaking on the Chain in May.  I must have been too busy to write, or somehow I messed up the entries and they didn't post.  My friend Ruth Moon bought some original watercolors this month, mostly Moonscapes.  How fitting!  The garden is in full swing, giving us asparagus and greens daily, and onions and garlic. My yard looks like a field of daisies and iris.  14 months till the move!


APRIL 19, 2013:  It is snowing again and is 34 degrees this morning.  We have lost a lot of our snow cover though!  I am planting seeds in pots in the greenhouse because the garden still has snow in it.  In 16 months, we will move to Port Townsend, and I will be painting sailboats regularly!  Any day now,  Spring will come. I have been seeing a lot of the Pileated woodpecker lately. 

April 11, 2013:  We went on a beautiful trip to Olympia and Port Townsend WA for a couple of weeks!  We were surrounded with birdsong, greenery and fragrances from all of the many blooming flowers like apple blossom clematis and daphne.  We spent our time watching sail boats, walking the beaches, gazing at the mountains, blue skies, and ships on their way to Seattle.  We took in a Rafe Pearlman concert, a couple of Kundalini Yoga classes, and spent quality time with family and friends. Now that we are back, the wrath of winter is still upon us with ice storms and more snow and cold, but I am painting my new Peace Turtle commission in our nice, warm, cozy house with beautiful music playing!

MARCH 14, 2013:  Here it is mid-March, and the snow is STILL deeper than our picnic table benches!  I have been very busy with subbing, playing music gigs, painting my commissions, and spending time with Oliver on occasion.  Oh, and shoveling some snow, even though Kevin does a lot with the snow blower.  At least I am glad that this was a winter with snow, because cold temps without snow is very hard to deal with.    

JAN 31, 2013:  Baby Oliver rolled over today.  Nathan called us all excited about it.  We get to spend Superbowl Sunday with them.  The snow is deeper than the benches on our picnic table.  Another COLD night in store.  I will sub at Little Wolf High School tomorrow.  The Iris commission is challenging, yet I love to work on it.  The hardest part is done, and next I get to paint the actual iris flower heads! 

JAN. 2, 2013: Our grandson, Oliver James, was born on Dec 20th, 2012!  Oliver means PEACE, so how fitting is that! He was born in the same year as my Peace Turtles!  Christmas was a time of SNOW here, so I've been having fun, even in the cold.  Snowshoeing in the yard, skiing with daughter Jessica near Iola, and hiking the snowmobile trail with Nathan today. I'm currently working on an Iris commission and a new Peace Turtle commission. Let's keep those commissions coming in! 

2012                     2012                                 2012                                                  2012


DEC 13 2012:  I took a 2 week trip to WA to be with my daughters over Thanksgiving and I took a roadtrip with my cousin Joanne (Bonnar) and her friend Heidi,  to Vancouver, BC.  I got back in time to cut our Christmas tree from our land, decorate it, and send out a couple of packages for Christmas.  While in WA, I was with Shannon and Jessica at our favorite coffeeshop on the water in Port Townsend, when I was commissioned to paint a mermaid for a guy from AK who is living on his boat in the PT harbor, so that he could send it as a Christmas gift to his nephew.  That was cool!  I sold and bartered quite a lot while on the trip, out of my Tiny Turtle Travelling Gallery.  Any day now, our grandson will be born in  Menasha.  My stepson Nathan and Heather are his parents.  We're exited to meet him!

OCT 29 2012: Happy Birthday Lisa.  Dear friend, Mother of Jody, Grandmother of Katoa.  I hope the Spirit World is treating you well.   

OCT 21 2012:  October is flying by.  The fall colors have been spectacular, just as they were on daughter Shannon's birth day 35 years ago yesterday.  I moved a large pot of cosmos right into the greenhouse and am hoping to make some improvements on my cosmos painting one of these sunny afternoons.  I wrote up a little house description on my website in case someone would want to take over for us so we can move to WA next year or so.  It can be found with Artist's Home In Summer, the last painting in the Travels category.  We hope to sell this home and keep a camping site somewhere on our land.  We also have a 5 acre solar building site for sale across the Millpond from here.  I had shingles this month and found out that Lemon Balm, which I grow for my organic tea is recommended for shingles, as it is an anti viral herb! Along with daily Reiki treatments, I got through it without having to take painkillers.  I DID need my tube of Sting Stop! And I did need to cancel a few committments.  I am back to normal now.  OK, I can hear you.  I am now back to what is normal for me!

SEPT 24 2012:  I was surprised with 2 unexpected Art shows/displays this month.  The first was at Lake Holcombe, after a champaigne brunch in Turtle Town. It was a 'Gurly weekend'.  The second was at an Expo Center.  I am working on my new Iris commission, and my beautiful daughters are in for a week during the fall equinox!  What fun!  Everyday is an adventure.  My garden has had it's frost already.I'm still covering up my Cosmos.  Our move is not imminent, but our direction towards it is.  We are expecting a Casey Grandson in January!

AUG 5 2012:  The Hot, Fun, summer continues!  Painting holidays up at Lake Holcombe cottage, rides on the Lady of the Lakes, a surprise visit with Uncle Roy and Aunt Bobbie, fresh blackberries and raspberries, with apples in abundance now.  What's not to love?!

JULY 5 2012: It's a hot summer so far with lots of swimming and loving my volunteer job on the vet's pontoon boat every Thursday, but not today as it was cancelled due to an excessive heat warning.  100 so far today.  Last night, my friend Mary and I drove to Waupaca to see the fireworks, and watched from the lake, immersed in the water up to our heads, each with our noodles for floating.  It was so much fun!!  Gotta love summer! 

MAY 3 2012:  The apple trees are in full bloom all week now.  I picked our first salad of the season consisting of collard greens, comfrey, violet and strawberry leaves, french sorrel, and dandelions.  The lettuce isn't ready yet, but I will pick a few asparagus too for on the side. We have had vases of daffodils and tulips gracing our table for over a month now.  I LOVE Spring!  I decided to enter the art contest for a poster depicting the Arts on the Square festival we have in August.  There is a $100 prize, and my fingers are crossed!  It's a rainy day today, so I think I will straighten up my gallery.

APRIL 11 2012:  Such a beautiful and early Spring we are having!  I'm busy gardening, weeding, setting up art classes and music shows, and getting my new "Peace Turtles" out to the galleries!  Busy and happy.

March 19 2012:  I'm just back from an amazing, inspiring, and spiritual trip to Costa Rica.  We went to the Blue Spirit resort near Nosara where they held a week long gathering of Kundalini teachers, students, and fans of Snatam Kaur, one of my favorite singers.  You can hear her music on youtube.  The chant Ong Namo is a good place to start.  I painted, swam in the Ocean, went shelling, ate wonderful, cleansing vegetarian food, made new friends, got up daily at 4am for Sadhana, danced, chanted, went to classes, swam in a salt pool among the palms, listened to and watched the Howler Monkeys, wrote, and sang, to name a few things.  I met my daughter Jessica there, who gave me round trip first class tickets for my 60th birthday!  My other daughter Shannon, graduated from the Santa Fe School of Massage while we were there.  Today I am babysitting my 8 month old great neice Olivia, before returning home tonight to my husband and gardens. 

FEB 27 2012:  I spent 3 days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras season.  Colorful, inspiring, and FUN!  The Caribbean Cruise was the best ever.  I even had a balcony to paint from.  We had an indoor and outdoor space for yoga.  I spent 3 days on the beach in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  That was my 60th 'birthday gift' to myself.  I am so loving my 60's!  Feeling quite abundant and prosperous.  We are in a winter storm watch for tomorrow night.  How exciting! 

FEB 3 2012:  What an amazing trip I was on for the month of January!  Paintings from Ocean Beach, San Diego, the Rio Grand, and the Jamez Mountains from Shannon's deck, 15 miles NW of Santa Fe.  I started a series of "Peace Turtles" too. And I did a few little abstracts.  I got a fantastic massage from Shannon at her massage school.  She graduates from there in March.  Now both of my daughters are massage therapists among other things.  Shannon plays harp and does enegy medicine healings.  She healed my bum knee some 5 years ago.  Jessica also is a Yoga instructor and has Kundalini Yoga classes. Jody, whom I've 'adopted' is a Montessori teacher.  Amazing young women!  Now I am getting ready to go on my YOGA CRUISE!

JAN 9 2012:  I am starting my January Painting Holiday!  My cousins in Ocean Beach (near San Diego)are sharing their Beach house with me for the week!  I am so blessed. I am so grateful. 

2011                            2011                                   2011                                       2011

DEC 20 2011:  I just sent out my MERRY CHRISTMAS email.  So if you found this, you have found my life in a nutshell over the past year of 2011.  Congratulations.  I will write a new entry on the solstice or soon after.   

DEC 1 2011:  My daughter Jessica looked at and enjoyed my website and 'blog' late last night during a little bout of insomnia.  She left me a message through my contact page and it made my day.  I have made the transition out of my garden, reluctantly.  I don't think I could live without a garden.  It's become such a way of life.  Oh, and don't take away my paints either.  I am loving my 60's, I am happy to report.  I saw the movie Breaking Dawn and I loved it.  Went with Marion who is also in her 60's and we went on senior day and only paid $4 each!  Then went to a Chineese buffet with discounted prices for seniors.  Life is good.

NOV 11 2011:  Today is 11/11/11!  It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  We are in store for some changes and I believe this new age we are entering will be more enlightened.  I feel a strange excitement and I'm feeling inspired to paint.  I had a most enjoyable watercolor class with 3 wonderful ladies this past month.  Hope to do another one come Feb.  I turned 60 this week, and I am looking forward to my best decade yet.  It just seems to get better and better! 

OCT 2 2011:  Summer was another great one this year!  I feel so blessed and fortunate.  We are not ready to move yet  but are headed in that direction.  I will pick another bowl of fall raspberries today, and grapes, then uncover my summer squash which I sheltered from 2 nights of frost.  This week will be in the 70's again, so we will bring the boat  to the Chain and then put it away for the winter.  I brought my paints to the Chain last week and painted a couple of tropical ocean scenes.  The water at Rainbow Lake looks so tropical!

AUG 22 2011:  I spent Saturday at the Waupaca Arts on the Square.  I love that festival, but I cannot sit at my art booth, so I go not as an artist.  I saw inspiring Bellydancers, a fabulous Shakespear play, and heard wonderful Native American Flute music and Tom Pease.  I ran into many friends and then spent the rest of the day reading my new book, Yoga Bitch, at the Chain, and of course swam a couple of times.  A great day, a great festival!

AUG 7 2011:   Happy Birthday Sallie!  My dear, sweet friend of many years.  This summer has been really busy with art and gardening and swimming to name just a few things.  I have 2 new great nieces whom I will spend Labor Day with, along with my sister and nieces and nephew and families up on the Bay of Green Bay.  The move to the Pacific Northwest won't occur till next fall (2012) at the earliest.  The website will remain intact.  I'll just change the phone number etc.  I'm excited. 

The rest of my 2011 entries can be found following the 2010 entries


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Feb.19 '10:  I am back from my winter painting holiday at the Pacific Ocean, cruise with daughters, visit with cousin and friends in Phoenix, and visit with adopted family in Albuquerque. I still need to get some of my new paintings on the website and open up a brand new category for Other Artists so that Kevin and my daughters can also show their art.  My mother was an awesome artist too, and I will be putting her work up too.  Thanks to Steven Libbey and all the good folks at I-NET for this Wonderful Website! 

Feb.25 '10:   I am still learning to navigate around this new website.  I have about 30 more paintings to put up once we learn how.  The photos are taken and uploaded onto our computer.  Next, we'll be packing up the guitar, mandolin and bodhran for a music practice at Tony's tonight.  We 4 got ourselves a gig in Stevens Point for a St Patrick celebration.  Tony plays guitar and son Adrian plays a mean fiddle! 

March 10 '10:  We are back from a beautiful trip to Lake Michigan!  We are leaving for Medford soon, so this will be short.  We are trying to load the new art, but will have to get help.  We were hoping to do it ourselves, but only one loaded, Peaceful Pacific in the Travels category.  4 music jobs next week, St. Patricks Day week, so I am keeping very busy!

March 11 '10:  Now it's 5 music jobs.  Tomorrow night is a silent art auction at the Ale House in Waupaca.  I was going just for fun, and did donate two prints for the visual art scholarship fundraiser, then found out that our group is playing the mostly Irish music for it.  So now it will be even more fun.  I will of course do a little bit of Irish dancing too, so come on down and bid on some art! 

March 27 2010:  I got in my first kayaking of the season!  We spent a few days on the Chain, cat- sitting, and I had a kayak pulled up to the shore, ready and waiting.  Limekiln Lake was the color of my favorite color as a child; Sea Green.  The lakes are opening up and Spring is really here again in Wisconsin.  Gardening season is upon us and I couldn't be happier.

April 6 2010:  We have had some spectacular weather these past couple of weeks. Lots of time spent on the water and in the garden.  Now with some much needed rain, I can finally get caught up on my website, get ready for upcoming art shows, and do some subbing in the Little Wolf High School Art room.   Maybe a little house cleaning would be in order too. 

April 24 2010:  We are having an early spring and eating fresh asparagus.  The Waupaca Art Show starts tomorrow.  I entered 5 watercolors of the Chain O' Lakes.  That is always a fun show to go to. 

May 11 2010:  There is nothing quite like Spring in Wisconsin.  The other day I got to watch a Bald Eagle eating a fresh catch.  He was near the road in a field, and he didn't mind that I was observing him.  I was only 30 feet from him.  That was very cool!  Then I collected some black and white Pileated Woodpecker feathers on a bike ride yesterday. (Poor guy!)  He was road kill.  I'm putting the finishing touches on a painting for the juried Wittenberg Art Show coming up.  It is a watercolor of a moonrise.  I will also enter one of my great blue herons that I painted last summer.   

June 4 2010:  We're just back from Lake Holcombe, WI.  I spent almost 2 weeks there!  I absolutely love my "painting holidays".  I did 4 new ones up there. With awesome sunrises every morning and Moonrises in the evening, it is an artist's dream vacation.  I feel so fortunate.  Now I'll hop on my bike for tonight's sunset.  Kevin is down there at the Millpond waiting for me.

June 12 2010:  After a warm, sunny Spring, we are into a cool rainy Summer so far.  We are having fellow artist musicians from Amherst over this evening for dinner and music.  What a blessed life we lead.  I am so grateful for art, music , and so much more.

July 7 2010:  We spent the 4th of July weekend up at my sister's on the Bay of Green Bay with neices and nephew and families.  It was so much fun.  We even found a cottage for sale up there that really called to us. Large decks and fruit trees and room to garden!   The price was good too, until we got home and found out that we had been given the wrong price. ($30 thousand less!)   If it's meant to be, it will all work out somehow.  We are eating lots of berries and peas too.  My screen porch is heavenly, and the swimming at Casey Lake is great too.  We had a wonderful pasta dinner at Clearwater Harbor last night.  Life is good!

July 13, 2010:  I am just home from a beautiful day on the Chain!  Reading on Helen's pontoon boat.  Time for another Millpond sunset, so that's all for now.

July 31 2010:  We're just back from Rosemary and Steve's wedding down by the Chain O' Lakes.  It was a beautiful wedding!  July has been great!  Swimming at Casey Lake with Mary lots, and many days on the Chain.  I like to get in all the swimming I can during the summer.  Next week on Wed. Aug.4th, Kevin and I will be performing in Iola at the Nursing home and at Living Oaks.  Come see us if you're in the area.   2pm and 3:45

August 11 2010:  I had such a great time yesterday at the Clearwater Harbor as their Featured Artist!  It was very hot out, but I was very busy and happy to be so busy!  My show's focus was 'Watercolor Scenes from Clearwater Harbor'.  Today I get to put it all away.  It is my 'adopted' grandson's 6th Birthday today, so we'll call and sing later.  He lives in Albuquerque.  I wish summer could last forever.

Sept 14, 2010:  What a great summer this has been!  Spent a lot of time on the water and in the water!  This weekend my stepson is getting married on Lake Superior.  Congrats to Chris and Deanna!

Oct. 4, 2010:  Their wedding was a super fun weekend!  We toured the Apostle Islands while we ate and drank, after the vows.  Kevin and I even played a bit of music for the ceremony.  This past weekend and a few days, I spent on the Chain O'Lakes, house sitting, kayaking, painting, and even babysitting Aubri towards the end of my stay!  The painting from Rosemary's deck was a long time in the making, but it is finished!  I think it will be titled "My Obsession with the Chain".  There is a story behind that title.  I hope I can get it on the website soon without asking for help.  We will see.

Nov 7, 2010:  It has been a very busy fall.  I am so looking forward to the next few days of beautiful weather.  I'll be in the garden, weeding and harvesting brussel sprouts, chard, and collards.  More garlic and onions too.  Been too busy to sub at LWHS this fall.  Busy is good if you like what you're doing. 

Dec 23, 2010:  Jody, Jeremy, and Katoa came over and made my Christmas one to remember!  I went down to visit them over Thanksgiving in Albuquerque.  I'm glad for having a White Christmas! 

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Jan 29, 2011:  I leave for WA in 2 days to visit my daughters!  I had to pack so light so that I can catch the last ferry of the day, without waiting for baggage, that I didn't even pack my paints!  Oh well, I AM bringing a mandolin, instead of a purse.  So we will play music.  And hopefull sell a few prints. We have a plan to retire/move to the sunbelt in WA.  I'll be looking at a few properties while out there for the month of Feb.  Then I'll come home and get ready for 2011's Art shows and fetivals, and get some of my new work up on the website.

March 4, 2011:  I had a most excellent trip to the Pacific Northwest to be with my daughters.  We also saw son Chris back from Afghanistan for a visit.  Some great times at Chris and Deanna's this past week.  Spring is coming, at least the snow is melting! 

June 10, 2011:  Time Flies! We are planning a move to the Pacific Northwest.  Our home of 35 years and beautiful 10 acre parcel on the Millpond are for sale.  Make us an offer!  We are MOTIVATED sellers.  You can enjoy a view of the 64 acre millpond from our deck or from the kitchen window.  We love this place but it is time for us to retire and find new opportunities near where my daughters live.